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About us...

Autumn Bella Designs is home to a range of Prints & Cards designed by Amy Worley.

All illustrations are initially hand drawn in pencil & painted in watercolour.

Each drawing involves a lot of shading, line work and attention to detail.

These are then put together digitally with each individual illustration being combined to create the final design.

Sustainability is very important to Autumn Bella Designs so all Card and Packaging used is made from Recycled materials and are Recyclable.

Our favourite and most popular range is the Zodiac collection. We have prints for all 12 Star Signs- in most cases more than one option. These feature the Zodiac symbol, constellation, sign, ruling planet, flowers and much more.

There are also cards to sit alongside these.


As well as this we have a large collection of whimsical, colourful, nature and musically inspired prints and cards.​

We are always happy to hear from Customers, Stockists or potential Collaborators so please get in touch...

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